Welcome to the Custom Design Rugs and Carpet Programming

Custom design rug mean build a rug according to the customer theme, wish and desire.  We are making different types of custom rugs with different fibers such as natural fibers, wool, hemp, silk and cotton.

Since 1980 Rug Stars has a facility to weave custom design rugs for our customers according to their desire in any color, shape and size. Our interior designers visited the customer’s premises and discuss the customer need and desire without charging any consultation fee.

We are well equipped to construct a custom rug with any size, color, design, pattern and shape. We have a facility to construct rugs or carpets for hotels, hallways, high-rise buildings, condos, restaurants and offices, residential and commercial need.

We have three ways to construct the rug for our customer.

  • Hand Knotted
  • Hand Woven
  • Hand tufted.

A rug weaving time is about 3 months to 8 months. (Depends on the size, weave, pattern and construction).

Our custom design rugs prices are very reasonable and affordable.

How to place an order for custom design rugs and carpets?

1. Call us for a custom rug specialist for a free consultation.

2. Finalize the color scheme, size, pattern, fiber and construction.

3. Finalize the payment method with the sales associate or rug consultant.

We will be delivered your rug in the time frame.

Cleaning a custom design rug is a challenge. Due to its different weave, and fiber Please do not clean it yourself. Always call professionals. Rug Stars is the leading company, provide the cleaning and repair services of all types and weave of custom design rugs professionally. Put your trust on Rug Stars, The team of professionals. For further information please Contact Us.

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