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Best Carpet installation Toronto wool broadloom stores Toronto area service provides the commercial and residential wall to wall broadloom and stair runners for Less. We offer an affordable prices that fit to your budget. We are providing the high quality wall to wall broadloom and staircase carpeting installation services. Correctly chosen and installed carpeting should last for upwards of 15 – 20 years, and should provide your desired comfort and value. Some carpets and fibers are now manufactured with the environment in mind, and can even be recycled. Under pad is also often recycled. Carpets can help keep your home and offices warm in the winter, also save your utility bills and when kept clean can even help with allergies if the right fiber is chosen. Buy good quality berber and plush broadloom from our wool broadloom stores Toronto and near your area.

Durability, price, stain resistance, insulation ability, air quality, sound reduction, and many more factors can make a new flooring decision difficult. At Rug Stars, you can get information on these carpeting attributes to make your decision an educated one.

As you can see, your broadloom choice is important and a long-term decision, so research your options here and choose carefully! Don’t forget that carpet  installation by a non-certified installer can void your warranty! You can contact us at our carpet store Toronto for further information.

We offer a wide range of carpeting, carpet runners, carpet for stairs and flooring services that includes sales, repairs and carpet installation Toronto and the GTA services. Not only supplying you with an affordable and competitive priced wall to wall carpets, stair runners Toronto, berber and sisal carpet (natural fiber) and broadloom. Stretching your carpet to remove dangerous buckles, bulges and wrinkles. Repairing snags on Berber carpet, cat and dog chews or damages on stairs and thresholds. Get the best carpet installation with us. Our carpet installers helps to provide the best carpet installation Toronto services.
We serve directly to homeowners, Realtor, builders, staging designers, interior designers, contractors, offices, churches, retirement homes, building managements, restaurants, RV, boat and yacht owners, yacht clubs, child care centers, health clinics and much more!

Rug Stars is your one stop carpeting solution provider across Toronto, Mississauga, Maple, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby & Oshawa with no obligation consulting and estimate service! You can buy fine quality broadloom from our carpet store in Toronto mobile unit for less price. Carpet installation services provide you the life time installation warranty.

For your satisfaction, we offer unconditional LIFETIME labor warranty on all of our projects. For additional information, please Contact Us at

Carpet Options

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Cut Pile

The best-selling type of carpet is textured cut pile.  Cutting looped carpet fibers at the top creates cut pile with yarn bundles standing straight. Pre shearing cut pile several times creates a luxurious appearance.  Cut pile is less resistant to crushing than other types of carpet. Buy carpets from our carpet stores Toronto area.


Saxony’s are tightly twisted cut piles that are heat set straight.  Saxony consist of two or more fibers twisted together in a yarn.  They provide a soft texture for formal and informal areas.  Saxony show every footprint and vacuum-cleaner mark.  These carpets have medium durability.

Texture and Textured Saxony

Textures are the best-selling carpets and work well in informal areas (such as family rooms and children’s bedrooms) because of its soft feel.  Textures are tightly twisted and texture heat set for medium durability. They have a multi-color look that disguises tracks and footprints.

Velvet/ Plush Carpet

Velvet/Plush are lightly twisted and have a uniform color.  They are softer and more level than textures.  This type of carpet is ideal for formal areas (such as formal living rooms and master bedrooms) because of its luxurious appearance.  Velvet/Plush show every footprint and vacuum-cleaner mark.


Frieze is a highly twisted cut pile carpet suited for high traffic, informal areas.  It has short fibers that tend to curl in different directions at the surface to hide footprints and vacuum marks.


Cut and Loop Pile Carpet

Cut and loop pile combines cut and looped fibers.  It provides a variety of surface textures or sculptured effects for medium durability. Cut and loop pile carpets are available in solid or multiple colors. The different levels in this type of carpet can hide dirt and footprints in formal and informal areas. While you are buying carpet from us. You will get the best carpet installation price and services.

Sisal Carpets | Natural Fiber/ Sea grass

Level loop pile is made by weaving even loops of yarn into carpet backing at both ends. This type of carpet is very durable and track resistant because of its strong loops.  Higher loops create a more luxurious appearance.  Level loop piles with short and densely packed loops are easy to clean. They prevent dirt from filtering into carpet. This type of carpet is ideal for high traffic areas.

Berber Carpets

Berbers are increasing in popularity faster than any other type of carpet.  Berbers limit footprints and vacuum tracks in informal areas.  Berbers can have thicker yarns than other level loop pile carpets for high durability. These loops can retain dirt and may be damaged from snags. Find the best berber carpet installation service by getting our professional carpet installers. Berbers come in expensive wool fibers or less expensive nylon, olefin, or nylon-olefin fibers.

Multi-Level Loop Pile Carpets

Multi-level loop pile is like level loop pile except that the loop heights vary (usually two to three different loop heights).  This carpet creates an appearance of random texture.  This type of carpet is good for high traffic areas but the smaller loops can sometimes hold more dirt.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles are generally the first choice of many commercial premises. We offer all types of office and commercial carpets in 12′ or 15′ width and 24″x24″ carpet tiles. You just can’t beat carpet tiles for being practical, versatile and hard-wearing in any situation. There is an extensive range of carpet tiles to choose from which would be suitable for your office, shop, hotel, restaurant, boat, ships and clinics with tiles in a wide choice of colors, patterns and textures, plus easy fitting and cleaning options you have the perfect solution to carpet all types, shapes and sizes of rooms. We provide best carpet installation Toronto wool carpet stores Toronto services across the GTA.