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Berber Carpet – A Short History (Berber Carpeting and Stair Runners)

Berber carpeting is applied to carpet that has the off-white, feathered look of cloaks used by the tribes of North Africa. Berber carpets use flecked yarns most often in loop styles. The size of the loops varies from large nubby ones to smaller styles. Always recommend a high quality carpet under pad when installing carpets. It increases the life of your Berber carpeting. We provide professional Berber carpeting installation Toronto services. Patterned Berbers are multilevel-loop as well as cut-and-loop styles. Berber styles are also available in pastels and dark tones as well as naturals.

 For Home Floor Covering

Berber carpets are increasing in popularity faster than any other type of carpet in now a day modern world. Berbers limit footprints and vacuum tracks in informal areas. Berbers can have thicker yarns than other level loop pile carpets for high durability. These loops can retain dirt and may be damaged from snags. Berbers come in expensive wool fibers or less expensive nylon, olefin and polyester fibers.

Wool Carpet Flooring

Wool berber carpets is one of the most popular types of carpeting for the home. Known for its durability and style, the textured looped pile of berber carpeting are both attractive and functional. Dirt and stains are easily hidden on the multi-colored fibers. At Rug Stars you can find a wide variety of berber carpet in different colors, patterns, styles and weaves.

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Money Saving Investment

People often think of carpets as the economical choice for offices and schools. However, today these carpets are produced in a range of stylish colors and finishes. The classic look of these carpet also keeps it from becoming more popular.

Berber carpeting can economically price in comparison to other styles of carpet. Berber has a range of prices, from economical low-end options ($2-$6/square foot), to expensive carpets made of wool (or other higher end fibers) upwards of $10/square foot. For the durability and timeless style, carpeting gets you a lot of bang for the buck.




In general, Berber carpet is fairly easy to maintain with regular vacuuming. While dust and particles can get stuck in the carpets dense loops, a regular cleaning schedule will minimize ground-in dirt. In high traffic areas, Berber carpets require daily vacuuming – but that’s all. In the case of stains and spills, try to treat the area as quickly as possible with a homemade water/soap solution or with a gentle carpet cleaner (which you’ve pre-tested). In addition, it is always smart to give your carpet a professional cleaning once every 12-18 months. This will ensure that your Berber lasts. For more information on cleaning, Please call professionals at Rug Stars.


Berber is widely available from a variety of sources, including colors, styles, patterns, and fibers. Berber carpets are also manufactured by all of the major carpet brands. With such availability and variety of products, with us you can find a wide variety of berber carpets and the style that fits your needs. For more information about specific Berber carpet, please Contact Us.

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