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Wool sisal runners area rugs sisal stair runners Toronto, sea grass carpet, sisal carpet and Berber carpet combines economy, a comfortable feel, a modern touch, durability and ease of cleaning into one great choice for interior decoration of any room. Why do you think so many homes have it in their downstairs family room? Berber is one tough carpet that looks great day in and day out, that’s why!

In the present, Berber wool sisal runners carpet refers to a specific type of weave, characterized by its distinctive flecked yarns and rugged loops. Originally these carpets were made of wool, limiting the spectrum of colors to white or light camel. In the present sisal carpets are made by the synthetic fibers like, nylon, Polypropylene and olefin are used most often which greatly expands the number of available color choices. These two varieties of carpets are very popular for stair covering with stair runners.

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Sisal Carpet – A Brief History

Sisal carpet is woven from sisal, a natural fiber which is produced mainly in East Africa, Brazil, and Mexico. It is made from the long and very tough fibers of the agave plant, which has been in use in indigenous societies around the world for centuries for making objects that needed to be durable. Such objects included footwear and bindings, and have come to include carpets and rugs. Because sisal is extremely tough, it’s great for use as carpeting in hallways and other high traffic areas. Now a days wool and sisal runner area made with combined fiber. Being a natural material, it is also pleasing to the eye as well as to the touch. Anyone who has come into contact with agave knows what a strong plant it is, so it’s no surprise that it has become a preferred material for making rugs.

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Sisal Carpet, Stair Runners and Area Rugs – Durability and Style

Because sisal also has the benefit of being relatively easy to dye, colors can be clear and rugs made from it are available in many different colors. It is available in a wide variety of sizes as well, making it easy to get a carpet to fit your living room or wherever you want to use it.

The simple designs of many sisal carpets also means that matching it to your interior decor can be easy and pain free. One of the greatest benefits of using sisal for carpeting your home is that sisal doesn’t build up static electricity, which means you won’t have to deal with electric shocks. Therefore we recommend Sisal carpet stair runners Toronto. Of course, sisal can also be blended with wool, making it softer to walk on. Such blends will usually look and feel much like sisal, with the durability to match. Keep in mind that wool by itself is also very durable and naturally water and stain resistant, so a wool sisal carpet blend can make a great rug that is the best of both worlds. Blends are usually of 60% wool and 40% sisal, which mean such rugs are considerably softer while maintaining durability and wear resistance. Use high quality under pad when installing a quality carpet.

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Wool Sisal Runners – Area Rugs

Wool sisal runners carpets and rugs are suitable for all over house or contract wear areas, good stain resistance, large selection of styles and colours available and good on living room, family room, stairs and walkways. Sisal is anti-static, sound absorbing, naturally resilient and fire-retardant. All rugs have mitered corners.

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