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Rug Repair Services, Persian, Oriental, Wool, Antique Rugs 

Rug repair services in your area. Professional staff. we repair new fringes, serging, binding and damage area by dogs and cats. Our rug repair services are beyond your expectations

Repair your area rug early to protect your investment, before any further damage is done. Any rug can be repaired in the right hands. We match the colors, weave, and pattern of your rug while we repairing it.

Do not worry if your pet chews a part of your Persian, Oriental and wool area rugs, mostly in the side parts. Our specialized carpet repair personnel restore it as it never happened.

If you put your plants and flowers on your rugs and water them regularly, water may spill each time without you noticing it. This water will damage your carpets/rugs over time and the fiber of your rugs may crack and break when dried. But don’t worry, we can take care of your rugs. We have Oriental and Persian Rug repair experts on site who know the fibers and texture of different rugs, no matter where this rug comes from, Iran, Pakistan, India, China, Turkey etc. Let us do your rug repair while you relax because we have been in this industry since 1980.

If your rug is damaged by moth. Handed over to us and we will re-weave the damage area and your rug looks beautiful that never been damaged.

In many instances people do knot know that repairing or changing the selvages on the sides of the rugs can add to the rug’s beauty and life. By investing a little money, you can save big. Securing the fringes on both ends of a rug, keeps the knots in their place and if properly secured, knots do not come off and you can enjoy the beauty of your rug for many years to come.Persian-rug-repair-service

Our Area Rug Repair Services include:

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