Water damage may damage the colour, dyes (dye run) and weave of your rug. The most important action is taken immediately to call the professionals that help to restore the originality of your rug. Whenever it happens, all oriental rugs absorb a large amount of water.

In this case high amounts of bacteria will reside inside the pile and construction of the rug. First we extract all the excess water from the rug. This is a very quick step as it prevents mold from growing, rugs are safely hand washed using the unique rug cleaning technology process and equipment. Restorative grooming with special grooming tools (If required).

The fringes are hand washed to restore the originality, color and softness. Drying technique is performed in humidity and temperature controlled room in our plant to give the rug fibers a soft, dry, and clean feel.

Decontamination Bath, In order to treat odor and contamination sources such as mold, mildew, or insect infestation.

Final Inspection. We will conduct a meticulous inspection of your rug. If needed, we will repeat any of the above steps until your rug is as clean and beautiful looking as is technologically possible. We make no compromises on the final result.

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