You spend thousands of dollars buying a carpet and area rug.

Why not protect it immediately?

Carpet and Rug Stain protector, Stain Guard,  Save for Kids & Pets.

Our Exclusive carpet and rug protector or stain guard helps to increase the cleaning life your carpet and rugs. Using our powerful carpet and rug protector assures you that your investment will look like new for years to come and will last as long as possible. There isrug-protector no reason you should ever allow your carpets, area rugs to be unprotected when it is this easy and inexpensive to protect.

We are using an advanced formula to apply on your oriental, persian and wool carpets to protect it from soil, stains or any accident happened with your pets or kids. Whenever you buy a new rug, or clean your area rugs, please protect it immediately.  By applying  our  exclusive carpet and rug protector after each cleaning gives your rug that added protection for long life and stain resistance.

Our advanced technology protector provide more repellency than any other carpet and furniture protector. It repels most liquids, allowing spills to be removed before becoming a permanent stain.

DuPont recommends the application of the Teflon advanced after each cleaning on all carpet and area rugs. Wool carpets can benefits from our special formulated guard for woolen fiber. Our special protector application you have the full assurance your carpet and upholstery is protected with the premium quality guard.

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