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Persian carpet cleaning services across the GTA.  Rug Stars is a Professional Persian rug cleaners across the GTA, providing Persian carpet cleaning Toronto and GTA services. Get your persian rug and carpet clean and repair by the professionals. We only apply natural products for persian and oriental rug cleaning. Our persian rug cleaning process ensures to restores the originality of your rugs and also extend the life of your persian rugs and carpets. Hand knotted persian rugs are made by wool, silk, cotton and hemp (natural fibers). Persian carpets are very popular in traditional designs in all around the world. The dyes used to create the beautiful colours are all from plants, roots and other natural substances (vegetable dyes). Persian carpet cleaning Toronto facility is the one of the best persian carpet cleaning in Toronto area. Persian carpet are traditionally known for their tremendous variety in design, color, size, and weave. Moreover, they are known for their uniqueness.

persian rug cleaning

Persian Carpet Cleaning Toronto

As the weaving of a Persian carpet is an art. Same the persian rug cleaning is also an art. Everyone can not clean the Persian carpet due to its construction, weave, fiber and uniqueness. Rug Stars has a team of experts having a full knowledge of persian rugs. Our persian rug cleaning method is unique, we use custom cleaning techniques for each and every persian rug cleaning that suit to your persian rug. We do not recommend to clean any persian carpet by using steam cleaning method. Due to its uniqueness, the Persian rug should be cleaned by the professionals.

Who knows about Persian Rugs?

Your answer lies only with the trained professionals who work at Rug Stars’ dedicated persian oriental rug cleaning Toronto team. We are cleaning all brands of persian, Turkish, wool and silk area rugs by using high quality custom cleaning techniques and methods. Your rug look like a new rug while it returning to your house. Iranian carpets have the best quality weave and colour scheme and construction that make them unique carpets. This uniqueness wants the proper care of the persian area rug. Therefore when you are ready to clean your fine quality persian carpet and area rugs always choose the best cleaners in the city to avoid the hassle.

Classification of Iranian Carpets and Rugs

There are the classification for Persian carpet cleaning based on design, type of fabric and weaving technique. The categories are named for cities and areas associated with each design:

Qum, Nian, Isfahan, Tabriz, Kashan, Kilim (Soumak), Caucasian Rugs, Qashaqai, Bakhtyari. Heris, Shiraz, Mashed and Bijar,Persian carpet cleaning

All of above Persian rugs require proper cleaning or washing due to their special construction. Our Persian carpet cleaning experts recognize different fibers, constructions, and types of rugs and area carpets made in Persia. Some carpets have uniqueness, looks like an antique carpet and rug, it required a proper cleaning and maintenance care. Please do not try to clean your Iranian rugs or carpets by your self. It may cause colour running and shows the defectiveness in the carpet. Always call professionals at rug stars.

Custom Cleaning

We apply custom Persian rug cleaning techniques and procedures that restore the originality of your Persian rug and minimize concerned areas in all types of Persian rugs, while returning them to a clean and refreshed condition. For further information regarding your Persian rug cleaning, please feel free to Contact Us.

Persian Rug Repair Services

Rug Stars provides the high quality Persian rug repair services across the GTA. Our rug repair services includes the following services.
Binding, Reweaving, Re-fringing, moth treatment, pet stain removing, surging.

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