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Oriental carpet cleaning Toronto services. An allergy relief cleaning. By using Bio-degradable cleaning agents. Clean rugs and protect our environment by using natural cleaning products.

Cleaning an oriental rug and carpet is an art. Due to its uniqueness these rugs are very popular and have long lasting life. Protect your oriental rugs by using professional oriental rug cleaners. When are you ready to clean your oriental rugs and carpets? Put your trust on us. We are cleaning oriental rugs by using custom rug cleaning techniques. All oriental rugs are cleaned by soft wash. Our oriental rug cleaning process helps to restores the rug originality and increase the life of an oriental rug. We provide oriental rug cleaning services across the Greater Toronto Area since 1980.  All of our experts are knowledge able and apply custom cleaning techniques on each and every rug according to its fiber and construction. Our six stage cleaning method always help full to remove the soil, stains, sand and grit form the oriental carpet. We are able to remove the problem stains, Tar, Glue, Ink, Nail polish, Paint and candle wax. We also remove red wine stains, coffee or tea stain, pop and Juice stain, pet stains and urine stains. Our carpet repair staff is able to fix your rug damage by moth or chewed by dog or cat. We also well equipped to repair or weave new fringes.

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Oriental Rug History

The origin of the fine Oriental rug is Far East and comes from South Asian countries such as Iran, Pakistan, India, and Egypt. Weaving a fine quality oriental rug many steps are involved such as, use fine quality wool, or silk, cotton, (hand spun wool) vegetable dyes, colours, knots, weave, pattern and the most important is the washing techniques.(Antique wash, Stone wash, Luster wash).

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Experts

Rug Stars is a leading company serving more than 30 years in oriental carpet cleaning and repair services. We understand the value of a fine oriental area rug, with proper care and maintenance these rugs can be more than just household furnishing; they can be a lifetime investment. Our oriental rug cleaning experts recognize different fibers constructions and types of rugs. We apply custom cleaning techniques and procedures that restore the originality of your rug and minimize concerned areas in all types of oriental rugs while returning them to a clean and refreshed condition. Our oriental rug cleaning experts are well trained and do the proper job on your rug.

Oriental Carpet Care Tips!

Here are some useful tips, How to care of your oriental carpet and area rugs.
1. Vacuum your rug on regular basis. Don’t vacuum on fringes. Your vacuum may damage the fringes. Always vacuum your rug with the pile direction. Avoid vacuuming against the pile.
2. Rotate your area rug or carpet every 4 to 6 months. It helps to protect your area rug from soiling and discolouration. Protect your area rug direct sun light.
3. Avoid walking on your area rug with shoes. Use indoor slippers.
4. For stain removing avoid using stain remover chemicals, it may cause damage the colour of your carpet or your rug colour may be bleed.
5. Do not try to clean your oriental rugs by yourself. You may damage the pile and colour of the carpet.
6. Pet Staining; don’t try to clean by yourself, Call rug professionals at Rug Stars. We treat all pet stains with natural products that help to restore the originality of your area rug and minimize the colour damage due to the pet urine.
7. If your rug is starting damage, Repair it immediately, call professionals. If you have a sign of moth in your home, treat your wool rugs immediately by professionals.
8. Do not put any heavy furniture or move any furniture on your rug without using furniture mats. Use under pads or furniture mats.
9. Use proper under pad for your rug, ask the professionals.
10. Avoid to storage your rugs in humid area.
11. In case of accident on your rug. Please avoid using any chemicals and detergent. Call professionals immediately. If you will use any product on your area rug, it may get damage with that product.
12. Clean your rug on yearly basis and protect it with our exclusive rug protector. (Scotch Guard) a new product save for kids and pets.
Protect your Rug With Our Exclusive Rug Protector.
Our exclusive rug protector helps to increase the life and originality of your area rug and prevent it from permanent stains, soil and grit. It also increases the cleaning life of your carpet. We use natural product to protect your carpet.

Our Service Area

We are providing oriental rug cleaning and rug repair services in The Greater Toronto Area, including Toronto, Vaughan, North York, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond hill, Thornhill, Unionville, Aurora, Newmarket, King City, Maple, Concord, Bradford, Bolton, Caledon, Brampton, Wood bridge, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, Milton, Malton, York Region, Peel Region, Nobelton, East York, Stouffville, Uxbridge, Down town, Beaches, Port Parry, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa,  Ontario, Canada.

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