1. Lowest Price Guarantee.

2. Quality Products and service. (CRI GREEN LABLE PLUS PRODUCT GURANTEE)CRI Grean carpet and rugs

3. Always the best products, we delivered.  (Beyond customer's expectations).

4. Now on ALL products!

5. No Third Party Commission involved Guarantee.

6. The Best Products and Service Guarantee. (BETTER INDOOR AIR QUALITY)

At Rug Stars, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products and service available, and at the lowest possible price. Simply present a competitor's written quote on the same quality floor coverings, and we guarantee to beat it - it's all part of the Rug Stars service. See in-store for terms and conditions.

7. 30 Day Carpet Replacement Guarantee.

Still the original and the best. some conditions apply. If you're not satisfied, Rug Stars is not satisfied, so we've put in place the 30 day Carpet Replacement Guarantee to give you a second chance. If you are not completely satisfied with your carpet purchased from Rug Stars, please inform our office where you made your purchase, in writing, within 30 days of installation, and we will replace it with a carpet of your choice of the same value. See in terms and conditions.

8. Life of Your Carpet Installation Guarantee.

Rug Stars wants you to enjoy living with your new carpet and feel comfortable with your purchase, so we've introduced the 'Life of Your Carpet Installation Guarantee'. (workmanship and installation materials) for the whole life of your carpet. Some conditions apply.

9. Quality Underlay / Pad Guarantee.

At Rug Stars we deliver a high quality underlay, that helps to increase the life span of your carpet and provide you the best indoor air quality.

10. CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute)Green Lable Plus Carpet Guarantee.

In 1992, CRI launched its Green Lable Testing and approval program, which sets limits for the level of VOC emissions from carpet, adhesives and cushion that can be released into the indoor air. Since then, the program has voluntary raised IAQ standards four times by requiring even lower emission levels and increasing the number of compounds studied in the Green Label Plus Program. (CRI)

Carpet systems that meet or exceed CRI's Green Label Plus programs can contribute one full Indoor Environmental Quality Credit to the LEED ratings of the U.S Green Building Council. Similarly, the Green Guide for Health Care awards one point to healthcare facilities that install Green Label Plus carpet.

CRI Applies Science to make carpet better and last longer. CRI works with its member companies, allies in the field, independent testing laboratories and government agencies to continually improve its best practices in product improvement, environmental responsibility and customer care. The result of this pursuit of excellence means that CRI exceeds industry standards and meets customer expectations.