We ONLY Use Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic Cleaning Products Which Are Safe For All Ages (Pets and Kids). Soft Wash, Helps to Increase Life of your Rug.

Our flokati rug cleaning process helps to extend the life of your carpet and restores the originality of your flokati rugs.

Flokati rug are made by pure wool. Wool flokati rugs are beautiful handmade wool rugs that originated in the Pindus Mountains. Traditionally these historic rugs are made starting with the all wool backing and then adding the top. Then these rugs are given a cold-water bath to fluff up the wool.flokati-carpet-cleaning

Now a days, wool flokati rugs are available around the world. Most are still made in the traditional way, on handlooms and with the cold water bath to fluff the wool. These beautiful rugs can be used in modern home decorations as well as in children's rooms.




Flokati Rug Cleaning Services, Beyond Your Expectations.

At Rug Stars the team of professional will help out to cleaning the flokati area rugs. Due to the its weave and natural fiber specially wool it require a proper and professional cleaning. At  Rug Stars  We only apply custom cleaning techniques for flokati rug cleaning. Our flokati rug cleaning process helps to restore the originality of your  flokati rugs and carpet.

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