Durrie Cleaning Services

Durrie Cleaning Services in Toronto

Durrie cleaning services in Toronto. Durrie rug are mostly use in every home. These rugs are made by cotton and wool. Durrie is a thick flat-woven rug or carpet used traditionally for floor covering. Durries have a variety of use depending on size, pattern, colour and material. Durries can be used year round. The cotton durrie is warm in winters and cool in summers. Durries are made by Cotton, Wool, Silk, and Jute. It also made in variety of combination of all these materials.

Durries are mainly vary common rugs available in different sizes and cheep in price. It is use for floor covering and interior decoration. Decorative durrie rugs are use for hanging on wall. That present a beauty of the weave and pattern. Colour of these rugs are very loose. If customer try to wash them by themselves it may result the colour run everywhere on the rug and rug will ruin. We are providing durrie cleaning services across the GTA. including Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Thornhill, Newmarket.

Professional durrie cleaning services helps to extend the life of your rug and protect it from any damage while you try to wash it at home.  Clean your fine durries on time. We strongly recommend to cleaning a durrie rug every year save it form grit and soil. If there are stain on your rug. Do not try to clean by your self and do not use any spot remover on it. Otherwise you will damage your rug. We are just for a phone call away. Call us and we will fix your problem.

Due to its weave, different colour scheme and patterns, durries require professional cleaning. Rug Stars clean all type durrie rug professionally. Please do not try to clean by yourself otherwise colour may run or mixed up. Return to the Rug Cleaning page

Durrie Rug Cleaning