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At Rug Stars you will meet a team of shag rug cleaning professionals. Due to its high pile, it need proper deep cleaning from both sides. At Rug Stars you carpet-washing-Torontowill meet the team of professionals. We use only eco-friendly rug cleaning products to restores the originality of your shag rugs and carpets. We are cleaning all brands of shaggy rugs including wool shag rugs, poly shag rugs, silky shag rugs and modern low and high pile shag carpets and area rugs. white and colour full shag rugs are very popular in todays world. When ever you need your shag rug cleaning services always put your trust in Rug Stars a dedicated team of shag rug cleaners.

WE Sell all Brands of Shaggy Rugs

You can add luxury and flair to any room with an incredibly beautiful shag rug. These rugs are very popular in modern age. These rugs are fantastically versatile and come in every color, textile, pile, and size imaginable.

Shag rugs are very useful for every home.  Due to its long pile it gives you a soft, comfortable and warm look.washing carpets

Shag rugs are made of wool, silk,and polyester fiber. Cleaning of shag rugs is very important. They absorb lot of dirt. Rug stars clean all type of shag rugs by using latest technology and treat them according to their material.  Return to the homepage

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If you are looking a shag rug cleaning company or ready to buy a fine quality shag carpet and area rug, please feel free to contact us.

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