Carpet Under Pad

Carpet Under Pad and Under Lay Sales

Carpet under pading under lay plays an important role to install a wall to wall carpeting for residential carpet and area rugs. Good quality under pad help to increase the life your carpet. We sell all brand of carpet and rug pads for less. Some people will buy expensive carpets like Berber carpet and sisal carpet, wool and natural fiber carpets and rugs but then skimp on the under lay. After all you cannot see it so why does it matter? Well, it matters a lot.

A good quality under pad can increase the life of your carpeting and area rug, improve the better air quality and feel of your carpet underfoot, provide insulation against heat loss, improve soundproofing, as well as act as a barrier against moisture, dust and grit in the sub-flooring.

Types of Carpet Under Pad

As with carpet under pad should be chosen to suit its application – where it will be installed and what wear and tear it will endure. Your Rug Stars consultant can advise you on the best under pad for your requirements. There are different types of under pads are available.



Rubber Waffle

Made from natural sponge rubber, rubber waffle under pad offers strength and durability and provides firm support for carpet. Thanks to the cellular construction, air can circulate. This minimises dampness and condensation under the carpet. This is one of the more expensive under pad options.




Felt Under Pad

Felt carpet under pad is usually made from fibers such as wool, waste textiles or jute – sometimes a combination of these fibers. In the past ,this under pad  was basically the only type available. Today it is rarely used in home installations.






Foam Under PadCarpet under pad and carpet underlayment

There are various qualities of foam under pads are available. The more expensive ones will improve the feel and extend the life of your carpet. Whereas the cheaper foam carpet underlay will provide minimal protection for your carpet. These forms of under pad are also environmentally friendly, as they are made from recycled materials.


 Under Pad Tips

  • Carpets with built in under pads are usually a poor substitute for the combination of a good carpet and good under pad.
  • If you have in-floor heating, you need to take this into account when choosing your under pad (as well as your carpet). For the best advice, ask your Rug Stars consultant.
  • Never lay a good quality carpet on a worn under pad. Your new carpet will not feel anywhere near as good as it should underfoot. And the few dollars you save will be a short-term saving, as your expensive new carpet will wear far more quickly.
  • Try a range of under pad types before buying. Combine your preferred carpet with various under pads to find the feel that’s right for you.
  • Take professional advice.
  • The best person to help you select your carpet and rug under pad is a Rug Stars consultant.

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