Well Equipped and Committed to Providing the Best Antique Rug Cleaning Services

 Rug Stars has a team of antique rug cleaning professionals, who clean all types and brand of antique rugs and carpets very carefully by using the latest technology and enviornmently friendly  rug cleaning  products. An other commenly use word for antique ruantique-rug-cleaninggs is "old rugs". Most rugs we find are very old designs and quality is paramount to the estimated time of a rug creation. The rugs were created in early 1900's are called antique due to its simple patterns, colours, and weave. Regardless when and where these rugs were made, the colour of these rugs is being used from plants,or mineral derived dyes.




Antique Rug Repair Services

We also have a team of professionals who repair and fixed all brands of antique area rugs. We have the ability to fix  all types of damaged area rugs and carpets including wool, persian, shag, natural fiber carpets. We are specialized in antique persian rug repair, antique wool rug repairs, re-fringes, re-weaving, restoration, binding, surging and damaged caused by animals.

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